The Kinks – Think Visual (1986) FLAC (image + .cue) music Lossless

The Kinks - Think Visual (1986) FLAC (image + .cue)
Artist: The Kinks | Album: Think Visual | Released: 1986 | Genre: Rock, Classic Rock | Country: UK | Duration: 00:44:26

Most of the album is solid, and while it may be underwhelming it doesn’t means that this selection of pretty good tracks can’t be thoroughly enjoyed. When compared to the Kinks’ other late period efforts it becomes clear that Think Visual is the most one could hope for from the aged rock group, a compelling marriage of a classic rock sound and some quality songwriting. This songwriting may not stand up to their classic outings, but that’s ultimately irrelevant; at this point in their careers it’s foolish to judge the Kinks by the standards set by albums like Arthur and The Village Green Preservation Society. It’s more apt to assess the record based on their late period work, and from this more reasonable perspective Think Visual comes across quite well, an album that can easily be recommended to any fan of the group.


01. Working At The Factory (3:01)
02. Lost And Found (5:19)
03. Repetition (4:07)
04. Welcome To Sleazy Town (3:50)
05. The Video Shop (5:15)
06. Rock’n’Roll Cities (3:44)
07. How Are You (4:29)
08. Think Visual (3:13)
09. Natural Gift (3:45)
10. Killing Time (4:02)
11. When You Were A Child (3:42)

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The Kinks – Working At The Factory 3:01
The Kinks – Lost And Found 5:19
The Kinks – Repetition 4:07
The Kinks – Welcome To Sleazy Town 3:50
The Kinks – The Video Shop 5:15
The Kinks – Rock’n’Roll Cities 3:44
The Kinks – How Are You 4:29
The Kinks – Think Visual 3:13
The Kinks – Natural Gift 3:45
The Kinks – Killing Time 4:02
The Kinks – When You Were A Child 3:42

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